The Broad's Way

is an innovative  musical theater experience created for Women and Recovering Mothers!  As a mom, you have more than likely devoted your life to the service of others.  In fact, in today's frantic world, somewhere in the mayhem of marriage and motherhood, I propose that a woman divides herself into parts--simply to survive.  We immerse ourselves in the role of Mom while juggling the challenges of a career.  We fight for our rights in patriarchal structures though a softer side wants to be nurtured and pleasured.  We strive to be "good girls" though the voice of Eve speaks to the power of our collective womanhood.  And somewhere along the way we lose sight of who we are, what we want, and why we are here.

The Musicals

We produce and license original musicals and theatrical experiences that celebrate the chaotic life of today's woman. 

IT'S ABOUT TIME       This imaginative new musical is the true story of one menopausal mother's desperate search for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness  in the midst of an American nightmare,  Created and performed by our founder Janet Scaglione, Ph. D.  and a talented cast of supporting characters--with Liberty and Justice for MOMS!

DIVAS, DYKES AND DUMB BLONDES    This hilarious musical romps through chaotic scenes typical of a woman's life.  Exaggerated and conflicting patterns of thought come to life through seven stereotypical characters that represent the voices in one woman's head.  Audiences experience the ecstasy and the agony of woman's emotions from adolescence to the old folks' home.  And it all begins with a meltdown in a shoe store at the mall

The Movement

The Broad's Way Live is an innovative program that allows participants to explore womanhood via the hilarious and ultra stereotypical characters of our original musicals.   We will play behind the scenes and beneath the thoughts as we come to appreciate the complexities of a woman's psyche and the secrets lurking in the corners of her mind.   Our founder, Janet Scaglione, Ph. D using theater-inspired experiences will guide you and other members of the virtual community as we seek to reconnect to the woman deep within your soul. 

Now presenting the Original Musical

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Laugh and cry with a menopausal mother who searches for h

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Laugh and cry with a menopausal mother who searches for happiness in the midst of the American nightmare. Consumed with doubt and concerned that she’s lost sight of her dreams, this mother of five struggles with her past, braves moral conflict and survives a midlife crisis. Perplexed by the patriarchy’s denial of women’s rights she challenges Uncle Sam to compensate mothers for their service to the nation. With the help of a therapist, she examines the disempowering beliefs trapped within her own mind, and secretly joins the resistance in a plot to recover The Motherland.  

 It's more than a musical . . . It's a movement!  With Liberty and Justice for Moms.

What people are saying . . .

It’s About Time is a musical about a woman finding her voice. She’s been silenced and stymied by forces both institutional and societal for her whole life. At 50, as  the  protagonist identifies, questions, and confronts the forces that keep her from realizing her full self, she is a mirror for the oppression women have endured and fought to overcome for generations in the U.S. , the home of the free. But who is free? Women? Minorities? Or, only white men? By recognizing that what is expected of women by the government, church, society, and even each other, is not fair, realistic or obtainable (no one person can be everything to everyone) the protagonist gains agency which manifests itself by giving a “Fuck you!” rallying cry: “I’m enough just as I am! And, so are all women.”  Ari Gonzalez Asendorf.

"This is the story of a Woman--any WOMAN who has a dream, but sometimes feels inadequate ( never good enough) and needs to compromise,  Then sometimes  becomes more often which triggers resentment because we fail to take the time to recognize our own needs, fears and insecurities.  We forget about taking TIME for US and we pretend it doesn't matter. The show is about you, me, and every woman --Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Black, White, In love, Out of love.  Every woman should see it because you will realize you are not alone!  Every man should see it  because it will enlighten you!" What A Woman Wants" . Barbara Nees

Workshop Production July 11 - 21, 2019

PowerStories Theatre 

2105 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

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A Preview

Mom's in America unite!  

If you feel  trapped in the "motherload"  you are not alone.   We are 85 million strong and we control 85 % of all household spending in the US.  Why do we work for free?  And what can we do about it?   One menopausal mother confronts this "American Nightmare" and  plots to secure Liberty and Justice for MOMS! @itsabouttimethemusical 


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