The Broad's Way Live

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The Movement begins with you . . .

Let's face it.  If you are a female,  you have more than likely devoted your life to the service of others.  In fact, in today's frantic world, somewhere in the mayhem of marriage and motherhood, I propose that a woman divides herself into parts--simply to survive.  We immerse ourselves in the role of Mom while juggling the challenges of a career.   We fight for our rights in patriarchal structures though a softer side wants to be nurtured and pleasured.  We strive to be  "good girls" though the voice of Eve speaks of the true power of our womanhood.  And somewhere along the way we lose sight of who we are, what we want, and why we are here.  I propose that you and I are unaware  of this self-sabatoge because today's woman has no  time for introspection.   Frankly I believe  "It's About Time"

To paraphrase Will, "All the world's a stage . . . and one woman in her time plays too many  parts"  Where do these assigned parts come from?  Who decides what part a woman plays?  What happens when a woman doesn't want to play the part that others are expecting her to perform?  What does perpetual chaos in the mind do to your soul?  And how many friggin shoes can one woman wear at the same time?  

"The Broad's Way Live"  is a theater-therapy experience designed to explore these ideas and set you on the path to Self recovery.  In this innovative program we explore womanhood via the hilarious and ultra stereotypical characters of the original musical "Divas,Dykes and Dumb Blondes." We will play behind the scenes and beneath the thoughts as we come to appreciate the seven distinctive voices that constantly compete for your attention.  

If you find yourself looking forward to happy hour at lunch; this will explains why.  We dive into the collective hormonal conflict that lies just beneath the skin of every woman on the planet.  We examine the river of rage that seeps to the surface in temporary moments of insecurity and self doubt.  We confront the looming hysteria that can be triggered by the slightest implication that I am in any way shape, or form just like my mother.  We will agree and disagree not only with each other, but with ourselves; and through that process begin to remember who we are.   

When you join The Broad's Way Live you will enjoy weekly interactions with me, Janet Scaglione, Ph. D. and the other members of play group.  As your Director I will facilitate our weekly play time.  You will have access to

  • Character Narratives
  • Voice Lessons
  • Scene Study 
  • Character Development 

We will dive into these  colorful characters in creative ways.  Some of you will enjoy reading the character narratives that describe Mom , Career Woman or Dyke.  Others may enjoy rehearsing Prudence Grace or Diva's Monologue.  If you love music, you might even perform Dumb Blonde or Sistah's song.  And while you may feel a comfort for a particular character--it is only by examining each perspective that we come to know and appreciate a woman's life.  

I'm excited that you have found your way here--now. I hope you will join me online for The Broad's Way Live.  

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FAQs some Broads just want to know

What does the program cost?

Join now as a founding member of "The Broad's Way Live" and enjoy full access for a limited time as we develop Season One!   

Am I expected to participate in every activity?  

You are invited to participate in the activities that you feel you might enjoy or benefit from. 

Will others see my comments and interactions?

Dr. Scaglione is an award-winning educator with years of experience facilitating on-line instruction and interaction.  As we develop Season One participants are actually encouraged to engage in thoughtful interaction with other participants.