The Broad

Once upon a time . . .

 a menopausal mother of  five stopped running from, to, and through her life--to find her life. At 50, the piano that sat silent in my living room for over 30 years, called to me.

"Come, sit, see if you remember." 

 At 50 I stopped, sat, and played music that had never been played before.  I did not know I was a composer.  I never would have put "Write a Musical" on my to do list, because at 50 I had absolutely no idea that I could.  Yet in October 2002, we produced an original musical, DIVAS, DYKES and DUMB BLONDES   an imaginative romp through the stereotypical voices in a woman's head.  

That work changed my life. I tapped into this Divine Feminine Source of creativity.I explored my fears, doubts, and dreams.  I found the courage to say YES to something that I cannot see, that I do not understand, but that I know is calling me forward on the road to Self Recovery.   Now, in a new musical IT'S ABOUT TIME I share my story with you and invite you to join us on the journey to rediscover who you are The Broad's Way!

Janet Scaglione, Ph. D.

An award-winning educator turned playwright, composer,  activist and entertainer, Janet leads not by reaching out--but by reaching in. 

"I did not learn to write, rather to listen to the melodious voice of a woman deep within my soul."


  • Twenty-five years in higher education at the University of South Florida, College of Education
  • Keynote performances for local, state, and national audiences across industries.
  • Recipient od The 2009 Apple Award from The Broadway League for integrating musical theater into education
  • Outstanding Post Secondary Educator, State of Florida
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, USF/COE 

At 50

Music changed my life

I simple said "yes" to the Music.    I  was awakened every night at precisely 4:00 am, with music and lyrics  in my head.  I  became the composer I never knew I was. 

Divas, Dykes and Dumb Blondes, by Janet Scaglione, Ph. D.

Within an hour of typing that title on a blank screen, there were SEVEN characters on the page.  They represent the divergent voices in a woman's head, and explain the chaos in which we live. Diva, Dyke, Dumb Blonde, Mom, Career Woman, Prudence Grace, and Sistah--seven very divergent points of view. 

I remembered who I AM

The Broad's Way, is a theater-based entertainment experience for the woman you are.  I hope you'll spend some time with us.  Come to a show. Study a Broad!  Join the movement and be exactly who you are!